Give STL Day 2015


Tis the season here at Dancing Rabbit! The sprouts are sprinting sunward with the help of the spring rain, and the season’s first waves of tourists and visitors have arrived! It’s like throwing fuel on a fire; the energy and excitement are palpable!

It’s Lucas again, here to speak to you about Give STL Day- which is TODAY, May 5th, and is an annual 24-hour fundraising event for non-profits in the St. Louis area. Last year I hear we raised just under $5,000, which we used to educate and inspire thousands of socially and ecologically engaged people, each individual another step towards a more sustainable society and culture!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI came for the Visitor session in October last year, and, like many others, was so inspired that I decided to make this place my home, and they have welcomed me with open arms. Like myself, their convictions are strong; they desire to wage peace as opposed to conflict, value self-reliance as opposed to consumerism, and refuse to lose focus on the far-reaching environmental, social, and political consequences of our actions.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI get a very familiar sense in my life here at Dancing Rabbit- purpose. In the military, we called this being “the tip of the spear”, that is to say, the front edge, designed to punch through resistance. But the DR “spear” differs greatly in its approach and goals. This spear is metaphorical; it is not meant to kill or intimidate. It is meant to pierce the armor of misunderstanding, misinformation, greed, and resource scarcity- some of the root causes of violence itself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is our hope that by doing so we can foster more abundant, sustainable lives; lives based on mutual respect, peaceful resolutions, and environmental sustainability. I’ve heard we are to “be the change we want to see in the world”; the life I’m creating here is my way of living up to my oath of service and my desire for positive change.

We’re hoping you’ll join us today in maximizing our contribution. Your generosity, especially when well-timed, will translate into a stronger, more united voice for all of us concerned with climate change and social inequality. Through our educational workshops, visitor program, tours, and other outreach endeavors, many are seeing, in real-time, that more sustainable solutions are not only possible, but can lead to a more fulfilling, more independent, more peaceful lifestyles.

Check out the link below to contribute. As always, we’re grateful for any contribution, and we’re highlighting THREE 20 minute windows where your donations will be matched with a pro-rata amount and other bonuses!!! We also have an independent donor who is willing to match up to $500!!!


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