Week 4: Checking In

It’s been a month since my move to Dancing Rabbit, and I think now is a perfect time to “Check-in” with myself, and with all of you.

DSC04311  The trees are changing quickly! DSC04318

The last few weeks have been busy with winter preparations, as well as the final tours and visitor session of the season. In addition, we have hosted an FIC (Fellowship for Intentional Community) conference (I think it was board members, but I’m not sure), and also musician John Craigie at the Milkweed Mercantile. This week, we will be hosting the Board of DR Inc., the non-profit arm of Dancing Rabbit. All eyes seem to be on the Rabbits the village buttons-up for the long-haul.

My hands have been fairly full as well, and a bit sooner than I expected.  Not that I’m complaining; The work I’m doing directly benefits the people around me, and in doing so, strengthens the community as a whole. I’m thrilled to find that I have something to offer besides heavy lifting- though I have found wood-splitting to be somewhat therapeutic, like the wine and sunsets also offered here:


I used to write a bit when I was younger, and I’ve always wanted to revisit that hobby and put it to use. During my visitor program, I was asked to write an article about my experiences at DR. The feedback I received was very surprising and quite satisfying. I felt as though I had formally “engaged” with climate crisis for the first time. Consequently, I have agreed to contribute to the DR weekly newsletter (The March Hare), and am pursuing another (online) opportunity- time will tell.

I have also joined the Outreach committee, and am now actively engaged with finding speaking engagements and tabling opportunities for DR members. I’ve never done work like this before, but those who have are eager to help when I have questions. The support structure accommodates for complete novices, so that limb doesn’t feel quite so shaky as I step out on it.

The schedules and organizational structures here are much more “loose” than anything I’ve ever experienced, but the jobs get done nonetheless. This place is full of self-starters, collaborators, and pioneers- TRUE American spirits, in my opinion. While our leadership wants us to choose between government or business as master, communities such as Dancing Rabbit allow people to live free: free of materialism, consumerism, out-of-control capitalism, and many of the very roots of violence itself.

I have also found a romantic interest. Quite frankly, I’m flabbergasted that I had to move from a town of 40,000 (Smyrna, TN) to a village of 55 (the nearest town has a pop. of 109) to find such an outstanding match. As always, time will tell- But I must admit that I’m hopeful for a long run.

Halloween here has been one of the most festive I’ve seen. The tradition here is on the night of Oct. 31st, homes sign up for the “Progressive Fiasco”, a house-to-house tour where owners share their drink, music, stories, and costumes well past the little ones’ bedtimes. Fun times indeed.

DSC04367 DSC04387

I was persuaded (well into a bottle of wine, I’ll have you know) to keep with the Skyhouse theme of “Care Bears”. I’ll post a photo when I have one so you can all have yer fun.

So here I am, one month into my hop off the mainstream treadmill, and I’m not just doing OK- I am thriving along with the community, and am feeling very grateful that I took that first, most difficult step.

Oh, yeah- and I quit smoking on the 17th of October, with no backsliding! I have used the occasional e-cigarette puff and nicotine lozenge, but only minimal use. Today I had one lozenge, and that’s it. Pretty much over the hump- I don’t even think about it when I get up in the mornings anymore.

Many of these changes have been remarkably easy to make. I am looking forward to testing the limits of this new-found freedom, and the motivation it brings!


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