Week 2: Branching Out

Fall is upon Dancing Rabbit, and the anticipation of winter wafts through the village along with the smell of burning wood. The canning craze is in full effect, the gardens are covered with thick blankets of straw, and the various projects underway seem to be taking on an increasing sense of urgency.

This week I contributed a couple of days to helping a fellow rabbit remove the living roof on his home in order to replace the EPDM, a vapor barrier, hidden below. A steep roof, while aesthetically pleasing, requires strong toes and near-ninja reflexes. My sense of balance was tested, as were the bare bottoms of my feet! I look forward to continuing and finishing the job with him this week.


The weekly Men’s Group is proving to be an intriguing tool by which we help one another process and ponder our personal struggles. The bulk of my work this week has been in the realm of effective communication. I am finding myself more apt to trust,  less and less afraid for the community to see “me”; As a result, consistent eye contact (which has always been difficult for me) is becoming easier to maintain.  I am absorbing and retaining more with each conversation I have.

Near the end of my visitor session in September, I was asked to write an article for DR giving a visitor’s perspective. I enjoyed writing in my younger years, and was eager to take a crack at rekindling an old pastime. I have received much more feedback than I expected- and all of it has been positive. I had not expected to have anything to offer so soon, and it’s nice to feel as though I am contributing to the community!

Tonight some of us will be out most of the evening, checking out the Orionid meteor shower. As I’ve said many times (and can’t seem to stress enough), the night skies are very dark and very clear here. I believe the night sky is one of those long-forgotten wisdoms, a reminder of our vulnerability, a guide for navigation, and a storybook for each and every one of our ancestors.


It feels good to work hard, both physically and mentally. But I have also been confronted with a new feeling; one that I haven’t felt in a very long time, and even then, never quite so pronounced.  I feel as though I’m capable of bearing real, lasting fruit for the first time. I feel that I’m somehow adding value to an already invaluable community. I’ve found it a humbling experience.

As the trees begin to fall asleep, I feel as though I am growing faster and reaching farther than I’ve ever dared. Though much of the land is shutting down and turning in, I am branching out. I feel free here, and with it I feel the risk , as well as the possibility of deep reward. I am approaching the coming weeks with a strong sense of optimism and energy. Is it Fall, or Spring? Right now, for me,  the answer is a matter of perspective.


3 thoughts on “Week 2: Branching Out

      • We’re doing great! Patrick’s work is starting to slow down a bit, for the holidays, which is a needed relief for him. And I’m putting the finishing touches on my blog post about our Missouri trip. Check out my site by Sunday and you should find it there (www.tiffanyclarklaw.com), if you’re interested. 🙂 Then it’s off to a conference about starting intentional communities, which I’ll talk about in my next post. It’s exciting to know we’re all “moving and shaking!” 😀 ❤

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