Week 1: Good Moon Rising

My first week as a resident at Dancing Rabbit has been a busy one!

I arrived Monday evening, feeling very tired and stressed from a longer than expected drive up from Tennessee. As a former truck owner, driving a small car feels…suffocating and vulnerable. Add to that the unfortunate fact that people just don’t know how to drive the way I think they should, and it makes for a cranky Lucas. The one pleasant aspect along the way was seeing the colors of fall creeping southward through Kentucky. It’s heading your way, TN.

I was grateful to be greeted warmly by some of the community members and residents (Henceforth referred to as “Rabbits”). I received more hugs my first couple of hours at Dancing Rabbit than I’ve had in the last year. I had skipped lunch trying to make better time, and was offered of some split pea soup and greens. They hit the spot. It didn’t take very long to start feeling settled and more relaxed.

Unpacking is very easy when one has no furniture,TV’s, or major appliances in tow. For the last few years,I have been paying way too much rent for way too much space. My room in Skyhouse boasts just the right amount for me, in addition to a loft and three windows; two facing south and one facing east. It has beautiful wood flooring and earthen plaster walls. I can watch the sunrise from my bed. 

My room (1) My room (2)DSC04135

The 8th was a perfect opportunity to bust out the telescope and witness the lunar eclipse. There are very few lights on after sunset, which makes for incredible night skies! Not only was the eclipse stunning (I’ll eventually have better pictures to show off), but Jupiter was also out in style, with four bright moons also vying for appreciation. Four other people showed up, and I enjoyed pointing out the few stars that I can identify without a reference. Though the cold is creeping in, I don’t find myself feeling so intimidated by it; this is a wonderful place to begin my journey into astrophotography.

Lunar Eclipse (8)

I also cooked my first ever all-natural, from-scratch meal on Friday. My resident liaison, Cob (AKA David), walked me through the portioning of beans, onion, corn, thyme, basil, and garlic to make one of my favorite dishes from the visitor program. I also cooked cous-cous for the first time, with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and onion. I was exceedingly proud of myself. I also learned a bit about companion gardening, and now have a new book to read:-)…my “to read” list is growing rapidly.

First cooking

I have also been fortunate enough to witness some infrastructure development here at DR. This week, the road that will encircle the (future) village center is being built. I’ve enjoyed hearing other rabbits wonder about what’s going to happen with all that topsoil…

Village Center Road (1)

All-in-all, my first week as a resident at Dancing Rabbit has been very encouraging. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!! More next week!


6 thoughts on “Week 1: Good Moon Rising

  1. so glad that you are on your learning experience with people who are like minded. It’s really a nice thing to keep learning new things your entire life .read your blog keep up the good work, and always lift with your legs………

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