The Village Idiot

After only a couple days here at Dancing Rabbit, I am enthralled. The air is clear,The people are passionate, and the stars are some of the brightest I believe I’ve ever seen. The days are humid, but the nearby pond offers a quick and easy reprieve. I find that the work and talks that I’ve taken part in so far have felt more rewarding than anything I’ve done in years. 

Conversations are intense, and everyone invests. The opinions vary almost as much as the people, yet they have learned to work together, taking disagreements in stride, with little to no anger or stress. No one’s competing here; there are no blow-hard politics to be found. They are bound together by a love for the environment which sustains them. It such a stark contrast to what I have grown accustomed to, and, I must admit, for the first day and a half I was put back on my heels.

It is one thing to have a dream; it is quite another to experience it. 

The homes here are often an extension of those living in them. Some are built and sold to other members, but many choose to build their own from the ground up. There is no HOA here, and people are free to explore their options, and explore they do; I’ve seen everything from a beautiful two story B&B, to the “Gnome Dome” which is mostly underground,  to a converted school bus (which still runs). Almost every home has it’s own name, and it is not the name of the those living inside. The homes have their own place in the community. Even when the builder/owner sells or rents the home, the name doesn’t appear to change.

The other visitors were perhaps the biggest surprise. I expected to have a somewhat similar level of knowledge as those who I came here with- I was mistaken in that assumption. I am, by and large, the “Village Idiot”, so to speak. For many, this isn’t their first go-around with sustainable living. Some have come from living at other intentional communities, while others have been traveling from place to place, evaluating for their “best fit”. I have learned that ecovillages/intentional communities are plentiful; there are many names of many places consistently tossed around. Whereas at home I was typically a leader in the conversations, here I am often simply an observer, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have so much to learn. 

My biggest challenge so far has been adjusting to the food. There are smells and spices added that I find unpalatable. Fortunately, there has always been one or two dishes served that are pretty darn good, though I have to sample a few things to find a dish that I enjoy. I had expected this, and brought some “Power Bars” for emergency use, but have only eaten one so far. 

At three days into my visit, I find myself settling in nicely, and captivated by the sheer breadth and scope of what has been happening both here, and in many, many other places. It’s feels like I’ve been walking in a desert, and somehow stumbled upon a water park. But this is no mirage; I can touch it, feel it, engage with it. I look forward to the next couple of weeks, and I suspect, though I’m working hard to reserve judgement, that I may have found a place to hang my hat for at least a few years. 

NOTE: I had originally planned to blog daily; quite frankly I’m having a great time socializing here, and it often continues into the late evening. It will likely be more along the lines of once every three days or so. And I will being including pictures on my next entry- I keep forgetting to take them. 🙂 Thanks for reading!!


2 thoughts on “The Village Idiot

  1. The idea of having sane conversations of people that have similar or different views, but do not put their head in the ground, and try to change the conversation towards who is on the view today or what Justin Bieber did today; alone makes where you are at an experience that you were looking for.
    Hope that you can be a little more detailed as to what your conversations were about, not specific he said: she said, but topics

    Enjoy it and can’t wait for pics of your abode and what you are doing each day!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks! By the time I am getting to these, I’m usually pretty tired, so I haven’t been as detailed as I would like. Some of the workshops/classes are optional, but I don’t want to miss out on any of it. I greatly appreciate your support and feedback!

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